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Team Audio Inc.

29 South Erie Street
Toledo OH, 43602

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We provide identification, acoustical & media forensic services. We recover, enhance & extract info from media. We offer transcriptions, biometric voice identification, & evidence management.
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Unlike other audio forensic companies, our services are comprehensive. We provide a full array of services ranging from physical recovery, digital processing, transcription, content analysis, technical reporting, evidence management, and expert testimony for all media (not just audio). Similarly, our workforce is composed of a cross-functional team of specialists including computer specialists, music engineering specialists, electrical engineers, audio experts, speech specialist and a legal consultant. Additionally, our experience with both the public and private sector provides us with the unique ability to see and understand every angle of the business.

We have been in business since 1991. From its humble beginnings, we have been a firm of innovation and expertise. The company started when EW #13896 now our Chief Forensic Expert and President, ventured into the world of computer music and audio enhancement after years of working as a professional sound engineer. Previously, EW #13896 had been the head recording engineer at one of the oldest recording studios in the greater Toledo area. Now our sister company, ars collaborates with us in many aspects.

Initially, most of our activities were non-forensic and commercial in nature. The bulk of our work constituted audio and video enhancement for production purposes. After a few inquiries by the law enforcement community, we recognized a need for a company providing expert services in the field of forensic media. After early investments into cutting-edge restoration and noise reduction software systems, we became one of the few pioneers in the field with technological assets that were ahead of its time.

With a steady growth, we relied entirely on a few marketing activities with most of its popularity taking place through word of mouth. High quality and personal attention were traits that built our reputation amongst our clients. With the advent of the internet, we have has seen an unprecedented growth in popularity now serving markets across many continents. We, nowadays, provides services for both private and public entities nationwide in the USA and for institutions and governments internationally.

Throughout the years, we have continued to grow technologically and professionally. Our innovating mind-set has kept us at the cutting edge of the field with heavy investments in state-of-the-art technologies as well as developmental and human resource assets. We strive to stay abreast of the most current developments in media forensics and related disciplines.

Recently, our reputation has increased exponentially. Our frequent involvement with the USA Drug Enforcement Agency and work for high profile cases such as USA vs. Outlaws, John Bennett Ramsey have only helped portrait the caliber of our services and the level of trust that we provide.

Our exceptional history and expertise is reflected in our success. We pride ourselves in our wealth of knowledge and ability to merge multiple disciplines to provide unique quality service. Furthermore, we understand the technology, its applications and its limitations because we more than just audio engineers. We understand the demanding nature of legal procedures and are focused on meeting the challenges posed by our clients goals in a timely manner. At Team Audio, we help you uncover the truth. We help you get the most out of your media so that you can better interpret its content.


Retainer: $500.00 for private citizens
All media and shipping to be paid by client
No Refunds
Rush Job (1 to 10 business days): Premium of $30/hr extra

Examination and Estimate
Rate: No Cost
Need material sent to us for preliminary analysis and accurate estimate
Time: 1-2 days upon receipt

Time: Please be clear to explain that the total time of the material DOES NOT represent the total time needed to transcribe. Transcriptions times vary a great deal due to quality and conent of material.

Audio Processing and Authentication
Rate: $150/hr plus media
Time: Usually 5 to 10 times the amount of source audio
Warning- Everycase is completely unique.

Video/Image Processing and Authentication
Rate: $200/hr plus media
Time: Usually 5 to 10 times the amount of source audio
Evidence Preparation for Court Use
Rate: $120/hr
Power Point or similar presentation of Video, Audio, and other evidence
Time: N/A

Documentation Services
General Report of findings-free
Professional Technical Report: $20/page
Affidavit: $100 per document
Adobe PDF Creation: $0.50/page (simple) & $1/page (OCR searchable)
Photo scanning: $0.50/photo

Expert and Consulting Services :
Consultation: $150/hr
Designation as expert witness: $300 per case
On site expert testimony: $150/hr plus travel expenses
Day Rate: negotiable per case

Media Charges(For the creation of)
CD (CD Inkjet Label): $10.00 each
CD (On-disk design): $15.00 each
DVD from DVD/DV Tape: $20.00 each
DVD from VHS: $30.00 each
Audio Cassettes: $2.00 each

Shipping and Handling Charges :
Standard Overnight Envelope: $20.00
Priority Overnight Envelope: $25.00
Standard Overnight Pack: $ 35.00
Priority Overnight Pack: $40.00
Standard Overnight Box: $45.00
Priority Overnight Box: $50.00
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