Dr. Anthony Napoleon (marie)

Napoleon Legal Consulting, Inc.

7825 Fay Avenue
Ste. 200
La Jolla CA, 92109

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High stakes litigation consultant with a proven track record. Assists in developing strategy, witness preparation and case presentation. Civil and criminal, including NASD arbitrations.
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For 20 years has been assisting lawyers and law firms even the scales of justice. We provide a unique set of services that parallel the unique training and experience. We were one of the first organizations to assist lawyers in trial. Along the way we have worked with some of the best trained and accomplished trial lawyers who saw the potential of having an expert in human behavior assist them at trial. Our experience has familiarized us with virtually every type of legal cause of action in the civil arena. Major civil litigation comprises a significant portion of our practice, though we will consider working on any size case as long as it is meritorious. We will consider assisting either prosecution or defense on criminal matters only after a careful review is made. Our experience in criminal law includes capital as well as lesser alleged criminal conduct. New clients have traditionally come to us through word of mouth referrals. Each and every referral has been interpreted as the sincerest form of confidence in our work product. This website is not a change from that history, but rather, is a concession to the evolving nature of communication, and in particular, the importance of the Internet. Potential clients appreciate being able to access our website and read about what we do. This expert is unique among litigation consultants. We say that not from a desire to distinguish ourselves from others who would assert that they can do what we do, we make that statement because our experience and training is unique, and provides us with a set of skills you simply cant get anywhere else.
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