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Fellow-Amer. Soc. Agronomy, Fellow-Amer. Inst. Chemists, Cert. Prof. Agronomist & Crop Scientist, Scientific and Practical Experience.
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EDUCATION: Texas A&M University Ph.D. Plant Science (Plant Physiology ), 1969; Minors: Biochemistry, Chemistry. B. S. Wildlife Management, 1959; Minors: Forestry, Agronomy. EXPERIENCE: 1976 to Present: (1) Employer: Self-employed. (2) Title: Plant Science Consultant (3) Duties: Office and laboratory in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Agronomic/Horticultural advisor to companies, cities, etc. 1975 to 1977: (1) Employer: American Agrichemical Co., Fort Worth, TX. (2) Title: Executive Vice President. (3) Duties: Development of agricultural chemical and fertilizer distribution company . 1973 to 1975: (1) Employer: Lasco, Inc., Greenwood, MS. (2) Title: Executive Vice President. (3) Duties: Diversified agricultural research corporation; particularly in weed control. 1968 to 1974: (1) Employer: Mississippi State University. (2) Title(s): Assistant Professor, then Associate Professor of Agronomy and Biochemistry. (3) Duties: Physiological research on soybeans, cotton, grain sorghum and sunflowers. 1963 to 1968: (1) Employer: Plant Sciences Department, Texas A&M University. (2) Title: Graduate Student. (3) Duties: Assistantship - Teaching Plant Analytical Techniques. Research on cotton nutrition. 1959 to 1963: (1) Employer: Frost National Bank of San Antonio. (2) Title: Assistant Trust Officer then Head of Farm and Ranch Trust Section. (3) Duties: Supervision of management of over 500,000 acres of agricultural lands inTexas and Louisiana. 1955 to 1959: (1) Employer: Undergraduate, Texas A&M University. Prior to 1959: Grew up on cattle ranch in Southwest Texas. Extensive agricultural experience. 4-H Club, awards and scholarship. MEMBERSHIP IN PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES AND OFFICES HELD: AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTS - Fellow, Life Member, Board V. Chair (1995-96), Treasurer (1996-97), Chair-Technology Committee (1997-98). AMERICAN REGISTRY OF CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS IN AGRONOMY, CROPS & SOILS (ARCPACS) - Board Member (1988-93); Board Chairman (1990-92, 1992-93), Board Member (New Term): 2000-2003. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY - Member, ARCPACS Board (Natl. Cert. Board for Agronomists, Soil Scientists). Chmn. Division A-8 Soil and Plant Science Applications (1989-90); Chmn., Public Relations Committee. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION COUNCIL - MEMBER CROP SCIENCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Chm., Crop Science Sub-Board, ARCPACS, Chair-Seed Science Award Committee (1996-97). INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF ARBORICULTURE TEXAS URBAN FORESTRY COUNCIL - Board Member (1988-98) and Past President (1989). DALLAS/FORT WORTH URBAN FORESTRY COUNCIL Past President (approx. 1987) HONORS AND AWARDS: 1952 - SANTA FE RAILWAY SCHOLARSHIP AS OUTSTANDING 4-H CLUB MEMBER IN TEXAS 1958 - WILDLIFE JOURNALISM SCHOLARSHIP, TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY 1965 - NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION TRAINEESHIP 1968 - ELECTED TO GAMMA SIGMA DELTA (HONOR SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURE) 1970 - PROFESSIONAL CHEMIST ACCREDITED (PCA), AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTS 1970 - ELECTED FELLOW (FAIC), AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTS 1974 - ELECTED MEMBER SIGMA XI (THE SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA) 1974 - LIFE MEMBER, AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTS 1989 -TEXAS FOREST SERVICE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING SERVICE 1994 - ELECTED FELLOW, AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY OTHER EXPERIENCES. LICENSES: CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL AGRONOMIST (CPAg), #601, AMERICAN REGISTRY OF CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS IN AGRONOMY, CROPS AND SOILS (ARCPACS) CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CROP SCIENTIST (CPCS), #601, AMERICAN REGISTRY OF CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS IN AGRONOMY, CROPS AND SOILS (ARCPACS) PATENTS: U.S. Patent No. Des. 264,041, April 27, 1982. Hand-held rope wick applicator for applying systemic herbicides to weeds. U.S. Patent No. Des. 261,221, October 13, 1981. Underside wick hand-held rope wick applicator for applying systemic herbicides to weeds. U.S. Patent No. 3,935,670, February 3, 1976. Apparatus for selectively applying electrical current to plants. U.S. Patent No. 3,919,806, November 18, 1975. Method and apparatus for using electrical current to destroy grasses and weeds. U.S. Patent No. 4,007,794, February 15, 1977. Top desiccation of crop plants using electrical discharge. PUBLICATIONS: LIST AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. COLUMNIST - Ft. Worth Star-Telegram (Weekly,1976-90); Denton Record Chronicle, others.PLANT PRO PERTINENT TOPIC REPORTS, (Available to Plant Pro Accounts ONLY). PROFESSIONAL HORTICULTURAL MANUAL, (Available to Plant Pro Accounts ONLY) OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES: Computers, writing, photography, hunting, camping.
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