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When the critical issue in a case comes down to humanizing a defendant, demonstrating the existence of exceptional mitigating factors or providing a range of alternatives to imprisonment, I can provide a written report or digital presentation in state and federal cases on a wide variety of offenses: sex crimes, narcotics offenses, bank and insurance fraud, bribery, healthcare fraud, tax fraud, and violent offenses. I am a licensed clinical social worker located in West Los Angeles. I have expertise in sentencing mitigation, bail reports, social histories, departures, digital presentations, and rehabilitation.
EW #6894 is a human sexuality expert on the psychopharmacological effects of pornographyimages--upon brain, mind, memory and conduct; fraud of "sexperts."
Global CompuSearch provides consulting, training, and forensic analysis in computer crime and Internet-related issues.
Full spectrum expert witness services for Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Medical Board investigations, Priate Disability, & Child Custody
Forensic psychology and with a variety of clients, including Hispanics, Anglo-Saxons, Blacks, Orientals and other minorities Concentrated his work with Hispanics accused of Capital crimes.
Fellow American Psychiatric Association, is Board-Certified in Addiction Psychiatry & Forensic Psychiatry.
Testified in over 20 trials as an expert witness concerning computer evidence issues.
Computer forensic analysis and technology fraud investigations. Specialists in mobile telephone offences and telecommunication crime. Certified experts available to examine CCTV footage, indecent images, assist in e-discovery, and provide expert witness testimony in court proceedings. Full UK coverage, 24x7 Emergency Support, FREE initial consultation.
Expert/IME,UCLA Faculty,Bd Cert Addiction/Forensic Psych, CA Med Bd Expert Reviewer: Alcohol/Drugs,Suicide,Malpractice, Hospital,Sexual Misconduct/Harrassment/Offense,Violence,Stalking,PTSD, medical record review
Computer Crimes Investigator, Collection and analysis of digital evidence. Expert testimony, litigation support, expert reports, declarations and expert witness.
Established over five years ago, PC Forensics can draw on the experience of its principals which combined exceeds over 35 years within the computer industry.
Computer Forensic Investigations, Data Recovery and Network Engineering Expert.

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