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Each of our experts has been actively involved in the tire industry for over thirty years. Their tire engineering expertise includes failure analysis, tire design and product testing.
Tire consulting, vehicle dynamics, occupant kinematics, pedestrian dynamics and vehicle trajectory. Photograph and measuring techniques, identification, and evaluation. Vehicle damage documentation and analysis.
30 years expertise in accident reconstruction including automobile, motorcycles, seat belts, airbags, human factors, slip and falls, material failure, metallurgy, tires and wheels, roadway and high way design.
Developer-President of the "American Truck Training Schools, Inc., Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Compiled training program for school.
Truck, trailer, forklift and auto fleet operation and maintenance, 30+ yr exp. DOT, driver qualifications, Certified diesel ECM (Black Box) data extraction/interpretation; Certified Fleet Maintenance.
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Forensic Consulting for Criminal or Civil Court Actions & Investigations
A consulting engineering company dedicated to assisting industry and the legal community in analyzing and understanding complex problems.
We've helped more than 200,000 law and insurance firms, businesses and government agencies find qualified testifying and consulting experts for hundreds of thousands of matters.
EW #3835 has been providing litigation support in accident reconstruction for over 29 years. From initial investigation, through the process to final courtroom testimony, our highly qualified staff has assisted in hundreds of successful projects.
mature experianced expert 30 year hands on with attention to detail
Professional Traffic Collision INvestigation / Reconstruction, Event Data - Crash Data "Black Box" Technology Information retrieval, and Expert Forensic Testimony. Servicing the Entire Southwest.
Any Automtive Situation,22 Yrs as Auto Tech,Shop Foreman,Member of Society of Automtive Engineers
Specializing in fire investigation fire protection full scale fire testing safety issues expert testimony litigation support
Specializing in fire investigation fire protection full scale fire testing safety issues expert testimony litigation support
Specializes complex industrial chemical accidents, fires and explosions as well as chemical-related consumer product injuries.
21 years insurance claims experise (various aspects)
Your technical and scientific expert resource since 1991 that can give you the TECHNICAL ADVANTAGE and the COMPETITIVE EDGE in your cases. Highly quality experts in hundreds of disciplines. Thousands of satisfied clients. Competitive rates.
Accident Reconstruction; Bicycle Accidents; Trucks; Pedestrian Accidents; Time/Distance/Speed Analysis; ACTAR Accredited, Evidence Documentation; Graphic Illustrations
EW #3035 is a certified Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction & Cause Analysis professional providing service to law firms and insurance companies that require accident reconstruction for use in civil litigation.
Howard Stewart is a Motorsports Engineer with over 26 years experience in the design, manufacturing and implementation of all component groups within motorsports. His areas of expertise include Motorsports Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and Automotive Aerodynamics. Motorsports Engineer with over 26 years experience in the design, manufacturing and implementation.
A. ZHUKOV, Ph.D. & ASSOCIATES is an internationally recognized consulting engineering firm with over twenty-five years of Scientific Motor Vehicle & Traffic Accident Reconstruction experience.
Seasoned investment professional highly experienced in public/private capital markets, asset allocation, risk analysis and governance issues. Experienced NASD Arbitrator.
Expert witness appraiser in real estate, specialzing in industrial properties and machinery and equipment.
30 Years experience in Construction Accident related Litigation. 35 Years Experince in Traffic, Construction and Heavy Equipment Safety.
EW #2555 has over 20 years expert witness in combination-vehicle accident investigations and litigations. He also conducts vehicle claims inspections for various insurance companies throughout the U.S.
I am an IPTM Certified Accident Reconstructionist, who is currently employed as a WV Deputy Sheriff.
CHiP - California Highway Patrol Officer (retired), Police Academy Administrator / Instructor, Private Consultant, Collision Expert Consultant
Ew #2695 has for over a decade has been recognized as a premier provider of consulting services to aid in the litigation process. Our staff of engineering experts are available for nationwide consulting.
Accident reconstruction & analysis; accident investigation documentation; witness interviews; electronic scene documentation; Crash Data Retrieval from GM vehicles.
Peer-reviewed publications and over twenty years of experience with computer-controlled machines, factory automation, IP, patents and robotics
BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and is a registered professional engineer.
Traffic Accident Reconstruction And Cause Analysis. We are specialists in auto, pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle, truck, and bus accidents, as well as vehicle inspections.  We also specialize in motorcycle rider safety.
40+ Years experience as a Mechanical Engineer dealing with all manner of machinery and vehicles.
Expert witness experience in marketing and advertising, past Chairman of Advertising Research Foundation, 25 years experience advising Fortune 500 companies and advertising/public relations agencies. A rare combination of an expert who has both substantial experience as a senior executive and an accomplished academician. Particular expertise related to advertising/branding, intellectual property and market/survey research issues. 

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