Expert Resume/CV

Alan Buchwald, M.D.
1144 Riverside Road
United States


Short Description:

Provides specific consultation in Medical Toxicology, and Occupational & Environmental Medicine. He evaluates patients by physician referral, or for medical-legal issues by your attorney. For workers' compensation issues, he is available to claims representatives and for AME and IME evaluations.

Personal Data:

Birth date/place: November 9, 1950, San Francisco 

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2289, Aptos, California, 95001(larger packages or UPS to me at1144 Riverside Road, Watsonville, Ca., 95076)


Phone: 831-596-3583 (cell); Landline office phone/FAX 831-620-1156 


High School Education:      Lowell High School-Spring 1968San Francisco, California 

Undergraduate Education:     BA, 1972, Northwestern University,Evanston, Illinois 

Postgraduate Education: MS, 1972, Northwestern University 

Medical Education:      University of Southern California, School ofMedicine, 1972-76; Clinical Training – LosAngeles County/ USC Medical Center 

Foreign Clerkship:     Family Practice, Dr. Deborah Bradley-Moore,The Surgery, Thatcham, Berkshire, England,1976 

Internship: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Flexible 1976-77 

Residency:     Emergency Medicine/Surgery, San Francisco General Hospital, UCSF, 1978-80 

Hospital Privileges:

Hospital Affiliations:      Active Staff -Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital (ER & Tox.); Courtesy Staff-SantaClara Valley Medical Center (ER); HonoraryStaff-Watsonville Community Hospital (Tox.); Honorary Staff-CHOMP (Tox.) 

Board Certifications:

Board Certifications: 
Emergency Medicine
Medical Toxicology


Academic Titles and Affiliations: 

Staff Physician Emergency Department Dominican Hospital/ CHW
Medical Director, Occupational Health Center, Dominican Hospital/ CHW; 1990-2007




  • Physicians and Surgeon's California G34228;
  • National Boards 169442;
  • P.A. Supervisor Ca. SA12654;
  • Disaster Service 9074;
  • BCLS; ACLS Provider; ATLS; NPI# 1174667075; UPIN# A45835 

Board Certification:     American Board of Emergency Medicine 1981;Recertified 1990-2000; Recertified 20002010; Recertified 2010-2020 on 11/15/10 

Contract Experience:     Santa Cruz Emergency Physicians MedicalGroup, Inc. 1992-2011; CEP America 2012(at Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital/CHW) 

Other Appointments:     State Department of Industrial Relations –Qualified Medical Examiner for EmergencyMedicine and Medical Toxicology 1992-2012;Certification Examination 6/29/94;Qualified Expert Reviewer Medical Board ofCalifornia 1996-2012 (2 year reappointments) 



Clinical Training and Experience:     

Over 30 years of Clinical Toxicology in the Emergency Department and multi-level interactions with Regional Poison Control Centers; Preceptorship in Medical Toxicology, San Francisco Regional PoisonControl Center and SFGH/UCSF 1985-1987;Toxicology Fellowship, April 1987;Consultant to SJ Poison Center 1993; MedicalDirector, Dominican Occupational Health Center 1991-2007. 

Board Certification:     American Board of Medical Toxicology 1987(Lifetime) American Board of Emergency Medicine-Medical Toxicology Subspecialty  Certification 1999-2009; Recertified 2008-2018 

Other Certification:     Medical Review Officer by MROCC 1996-2001 Certification in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Series-UCSF 1997 

Special Honors:     Salerni Collegium (1976); Lifetime member Alpha Gamma Chapter-Phi Lambda Upsilon National Honorary Chemical Society 


Community Service:

Community Service:     President Santa Cruz County Medical Society2001-2002; Community Member – Santa Cruz County Integrated Pest Management Departmental Advisory Group 2001-2002; President, Santa Cruz Community Health care Network Corp. 2001-2005; Co-sponsor and Panelist at the Summit on the Uninsured (CFSCC) 6/02; Physician support Big Kahuna Triathalon 9/02; Heightened Surveillance Committee, Monterey County Health Dept. 2002-2005; Chemical Hazards Forum, Cabrillo College, 10/04; SCCMS Mediation Committee 20072012; SC County Medical Reserve Corps 2007-2012 Volunteer, Big Sur International Marathon 2012;UCSC Biology and Health Careers Panel, 5/2012 

Research Activities:

Academic Research:     Alternate Synthesis of Santonin, Master's Thesis, Northwestern University 1971 Hydroxocobalamin Cyanide Antidote Study (part of a multicenter national study) 1990-1994.Associate Investigator, Intravenous Silibinin Legalon®SIL for Amatoxin Induced Hepatic Failure, Started July,, ID# NCT00915681 

Teaching Appointments:

Academic Appointments: University of Utah School of Medicine and Teaching Department of Family and Preventive Medicine; Volunteer Clinical FacultyAppointment for the Rocky Mountain Centerfor Occupational and Environmental HealthOccupational Medicine ResidencyPreceptorship –2000-2003; Member UCSC Institutional Bio-Safety Committee 2003-07 


Affiliations:     California Medical Association, Committee on Environmental and Occupational Medicine 1986-1990; American Academy of Clinical Toxicology 1988-2012; Tri County Hazardous Materials Advisory Council 1988-1996; ACEPToxicology Section 1990-1999; American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 1991-2007;The British Toxicology Society 1992-2010; Member International Commission on Occupational Health1993-07; American College of Medical Toxicology 1993-12; Aerospace Medicine Assn. (Space Medicine Branch) 1993-2012; Western Occupational and Environmental Medical Assn.(WOEMA) 1992-07; American College of Legal Medicine 1996-12 

Lectures / Speeches:

Lectures Given:     Prior to 2001 on request –Toxicology Update, ROP Paramedics –4/01,11/01,4/02,11/02,3/03,10/03,4/04,11/04,4/05,11/05,4/06,11/06,3/07,11/07,4/08,12/08,4/09,11/09,4/10,11/10,3/11,11/11,4/12,12/12; Cancer/Firefight, Aptos LaSelva FD for Comm. T.V. of S.Cruz Cty 3/01;Grand Rounds Dominican, Chemical Terrorism-Sarin VX Poisoning in Japan, 11/01 also at GrandRounds CHOMP, 12/01; Healthcare Access Santa Cruz-Scotts Valley Rotary 9/02; Workers’ Comp.-MD’s Viewpoint, Matrix Lecture, San Jose, 3/04;Black Widow Spider, DSCH Grand Rds, 12/06; Amanita Phalloides Poisoning, DSCH, 1/07; DSCHGrand Rds, Update Poisoning & Drug Overdose, 2/08. 


CMEs:     Prior to 2000 on request: CMA Bioterrorism Conf., S.C. 11/01;QME CMEs 7/02; BCLS and ACLS 2002; Recert. ATLS 2003; PainCMEs (list available on request-12.5 Cat. I credits)1/04;Mark I EMS Training 4/04; ACOEM Practice Guidelines, SF,6/04; SB899 WC System in Calif.Conf., Watsonville, 6/04;Elliot-Lopez QME reviews, 6/04; AMA Guides 101, CWCI, SF,10/04;UCOP Risk Summit on WC, 3/05; AMA Guides, AAEME and UC,SF,7/05; Western Occup. Health Conf., Monterey 9/05; ER Airway Mgt, Med America, DH/CHW, 9/05; Rheumatoid Arthritis,MMC, Aptos, 10/05; NACCT SF, 10/06; ACLS 12/06; Agitated Delerium, SC Sheriff’s, 4/07; OP Poisoning 8/08; Botulism, Monterey Cty. Health, 10/08; NIH Protecting Human Res., 9/09 UCSF, Northern California Emergency Ultrasound, 3/10; Beacon Collaborative 2010 Annual Conference “Spotlight onthe patient”, 4/10; ACMT, Forensic Toxicology: Ethanoland Marijuana, 12/10; UCSF High Sierra WildernessMedicine, 3/11; 16th Annual Pediatrics Symposium –Dominican Hospital/CHW, 4/11; ER Ultrasonography course,  Highland Hospital, Alameda County Medical Ctr, 6/11;CEP Northern California Conf., 4/12 


Publications:     "Naloxone Use: Side Effects May Occur" Annals of Emergency Medicine 1988; 17:7, 765; "Cyanide Toxicity" Annals of Emergency Medicine 1989;18:11, 1257; "Amanita Poisoning" American Journal of Medicine 1989; 87, 702; "Saliva Teststrips for Alcohol Testing" Annals of Emergency Medicine1990; 19:3, 342-343; "The Osmolal Gap" Hospital Physician 1990; 26:3, 8 (correction 26:4, 11);"Occupational Dermal Myiasis" Journal of Occupational Medicine 1992; 34:9, 872-873;"Extensive Palm Thorn Hematoma With Associated Hematuria" American Journal of Emergency Medicine1994; 12:2, 259-260; ‘Methyl Bromide-An Issue ofRisk/Benefit” SCCMA 4/97; 3:4, 16-19; ‘Benzene’,In: Olson KR, ed. Poisoning &Drug Overdose, 3rd Edition. Appleton & Lange, 1999 104-105;“Excuses for Marijuana Smokers” Forensic DrugAbuse Advisor 1999; 11:1, 7; “Mephenytoin Overdose-Phenytoin Poisoning Incognito? Case Report and Mephenytoin/Phenytoin Comparison”Journal of Toxicology-Clinical Toxicology 2000;38:7, 781-785; “Intentional Overdose of DMSA inthe Course of Treatment for Arsenic Poisoning”Journal of Toxicology-Clinical Toxicology 2001;39:1,113-114; “Letter to the Editor-Marijuana Patch” FDAA 2001;13:2, 16; “Late Confirmation of Acute Methyl Bromide Poisoning Using S-Methylcysteine Adduct Testing” Veterinary and Human Toxicology 2001; 43:4, 208-211; ‘Copper’,In: Olson,K ed. Poisoning & Drug Overdose, 4rd Edition. Appleton & Lange, 2004, 175-177;“Poisoning by an Illegally Imported Chinese Rodenticide Cont. Tetramethylenedisulfotetramine-New York City, 2002”, MMWR 3/14/03, 52(10);199201, data Acknowledgment; ‘Copper’, In: Olson, K ed. Poisoning & Drug Overdose, 5th Edition. Appleton & Lange, 2007, 174-176 and 6th Edition, 2012, 185-187;“Serum Copper Elevation from From Estrogen effect,Masquerading as Fungicide Toxicity” Journal of  Medical Toxicology, Vol 4,#1, 3/08, 30; “Spurge Contact Dermatitis” Journal of Emergency Medicine, Epub 9/16/09; hard copy 40(6),6/11, 680-681; 2012 Spring Qtr. CEP Toxicology Review, 4/12                            

Journal Review:     Expert reviewer for the Journal of MedicalToxicology, 2009-2012. 

Expert Testimony:

Legal Experience: (Depositions and Trial only -tracking from 2001) 

  1. Med.Malpractice Deposition (as expert ER,    Plaintiff) Cranmer v. Kaiser 6/28/01
  2. Civil Deposition (as expert tox.,plaintiff)Kennebeck v. Hall 7/12/01 (arsenic and OPs)
  3. W.C. Deposition (as treating MD) Applicant v.WMA/Octagon 39876-13-178, 2/5/02 
  4. Louise Bowman v. Kaiser – MedMal Deposition (as ER expert, Plaintiff, 9/12/03
  5. Paul Yago, Santa Cruz Superior Court(as treaterin ER) Civil case, 2/4/04
  6. Vasquez v. Freightliner – Deposition for Plantiff, Civil case, 2/20/04; Trial AlamedaSuperior Court, 4/6/04
  7. Bettencourt v. Carson Develop. – Deposition (as prior Consultant/ Tox. Expert),Civil case,11/05
  8. Chavez v. E. Lamazor & A. Uyeno – DepositionMedMal/ER expert, Plantiff, 10/18/07
  9. Lee v. UC Davis – Deposition WC AME Tox.,11/10/09
  10. Gomes v. Cook, et al – Deposition, Tox. Expert,   Plantiff, 11/11/09
  11. Marrs v. Kaiser – Deposition, ER and Tox. Expert, Plaintiff, 11/19/09; Arbitration12/9/2009
  12. Zhu v. Ketcham – Deposition, Tox. Expert, Defense, 8/13/2010 

References (Medical/Legal, since 2006): 

  1. Harold J. Truett, III; Winchell & Truett, 207 Powell Street6th Floor, San Francisco, Ca., 94102 (Plantiff)
  2. James Rumm, Law Offices of Federico Castelan Sayre, 900 N.Broadway, 4th Floor, Santa Ana, Ca., 92701 (Plantiff)
  3. Susan Blitch, Monterey County District Attorney, 1200Aguajito Road, Room 301, Monterey, Ca., 93940 (Defense)
  4. John Garvey, III; 10 Almaden Blvd., Suite 1250, San Jose, Ca.,95113 (Plantiff)
  5. Stephen Gorog, 180 Montgomery St., Suite 940, San Francisco, Ca., 94104 (Plantiff)
  6. Michael Ng, Kerr & Wagstaffe, 100 Spear St., Suite 1800,San Francisco, Ca., 94105 (Defense)
  7. Medical Consultant Services, Inc., 2377 W. Foothill Blvd.,Suite 9, Upland, Ca., 91786 (Defense)
  8. Barry Marsh; Hinshaw, Draa, Marsh, Still & Hinshaw, 12901Saratoga Ave., Saratoga, Ca., 95070 (Defense)
  9. Edward Lemons; Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg, 6005 Plumas St.,3rd Floor, Reno, Nevada, 89509 (Defense)
  10. Jon Giffen; Kennedy, Archer & Harray, 24591 Silver Cloud Ct.,Suite #200, Monterey, Ca., 93940 (Defense)
  11. James Sarrail and Monica Castillo; Sarrail, Castillo & Hall,700 Airport Blvd., #420, Burlingame, Ca., 94010 (Defense)
  12. Fulvio Picerno and Barbara Schafer; Jackson, Jenkins, RenstromLLP, 55 Francisco Street, 6th Floor, SF, 94133, (Defense)
  13. James Anwyl and Kerri Rollins; Anwyl, Scoffield & Stepp, LLP,3043 Gold Canal Drive, Suite 100, Rancho Cordova, Ca., 956706129 (Defense)
  14. Joseph Appel, Appel Law Firm LLP, 1 Walnut Creek Ctr., 100Pringle Ave., #730, Walnut Creek, Ca., 94596 (Plantiff)
  15. David Fulton, Cartwright, Scruggs, Fulton & Walther, 340Soquel Ave., #215, Santa Cruz, Ca., 95062 (Plantiff) 

Hobbies/Sports:     Veteran Foil Fencer with 25 years experience; USFA National rating C-11; Gold medal age-group Men’s Foil, Canadian American Veterans Cup,Kingston, Ontario, May 2011; Silver medal,Veteran’s Mixed Foil, Pacific Coast Championships, San Rafael, May 2011; Goldmedal, Veteran’s Mixed Foil, UFF Summer Nationals, Las Vegas, June 2011; Lt. Col. DonAppling Veteran’s Foil, 2011 Champion-Gold Medalist, Honolulu, Hi. October 2011; 8th place Duel in the Desert, Vets. Foil, LV, Jan. 2012;6th place medal, ROC Stro Memorial Vets. Foil, Pasadena, April 2012; Bronze medal Senior Foil and Silver medal, HIFA Team Foil, Hawaii State Fencing Championships, Waikiki, May 2012; Silver Medal, Lt. Colonel Don Appling Veteran Foil, October 2012. 

Engagement Details:

General Engagement Details:

Lien arrangements not accepted. 

Retainer required; minimum retainer is  $2,500 for any case.

General Rate: $295/hr;

Deposition/Court Rate: $495/hr;

Travel Rate: $125/hr. 

Travel costs related to Deposition or in Court dates must be prepaid, or Deposition must occur in Santa Cruz or Monterey County.

Charge for appointments missed without a 24 hour cancellation notice will be $295.00.  

No insurance accepted. 

*** Detailed Fee Schedule sent on request


Updated: December 2012