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Mark K. Goldstein, Ph.D.
6827 Nancy Ridge Drive
San Diego
United States


Short Description:

Chemical and toxicology expert services and investigations including vast experience in carbon monoxide poisoning, combustion, gas appliances, oil and gasoline spills, fire and explosions, materials analysis and related forensic science and engineering.  Dr. Goldstein has 30 years of experience in expert witness in criminal and civil litigation, trails, depositions, arbitration and in related forensic consulting.  He as worked for both plaintiffs and Defendants. He is the founder of the Carbon Monoxide Safety and Health Association (COSHA).  He is a member of Underwriters Laboratories UL 2034 and UL 2075 standards committees.  In recent years Dr. Goldstein specializes in carbon monoxide poisoning. 


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Specialist

Dr. Mark Goldstein is a leading world expert in the area of carbon monoxide poisoning and safety with 30 years of experience.  Dr. Goldstein also has many years of experience in chemical toxicity, rocket fuel, combustion, fires and explosives. He has conducted large complex investigations for a major oil company and has worked for a great variety plaintiff's and defendants attorneys.  Dr. Goldstein has also worked with RV manufacturers and many other companies. Dr. Goldstein is President of a Company that researches, develops, licenses, manufactures and sells carbon monoxide alarms, sensors, controls and catalysts. Dr. Goldstein's Company Quantum Group Inc. large share in the RV carbon monoxide alarm market. It also sells to system, residential single station and other markets. Quantum Group private labels alarms for a 25 billion dollar company as well as many other smaller companies. Quantum has licensed its patented technology to over 6 companies in the carbon monoxide alarm industry. Dr. Goldstein has conducted investigations in carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon spills and leaks, lighting, plastic pipe, failure analysis, combustion, rocket fuel and other personal injuries and wrongful death cases. Dr. Goldstein has given depositions and/or testimony in over 30 cases. Dr. Goldstein has personal experience in sensing and energy science and has published over 40 papers and received over 30 US patents and many foreign patents.  He also has years of experience in energy analysis, metal failure analysis and testing. He has years of experience in aircraft oceanography and remote sensing.  In addition, Dr. Goldstein has managed large projects for private American companies, U.S. government agencies, and foreign companies. Dr. Goldstein has a BS in chemistry from the University of Vermont and a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Miami at Coral Gables, Florida. Dr. Goldstein was a founder and served as President of the Carbon Monoxide Safety and Heath Association (COSHA) for many years.  He also served on Underwriters Laboratory's Standards Technical Panel (STP) of experts and is currently serving on both STP 2034 and STP 2075 panels for carbon monoxide alarms.