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Dr. Vernon M Neppe MD, PhD, Fellow Royal Society (SAF)
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Vernon M Neppe  MD, PhD.  Fellow Royal Society (SAf): Internationally respected, experienced, published neuropsychiatrist, behavioral neurologist, psychopharmacologist, psychiatrist, epilepsy specialist, researcher, neuroscientist, neuropharmacologist and objective nationally retained  forensic specialist (civil: plaintiff / defense), author and public speaker.

Vernon M Neppe MD, PhD. Internationally respected, experienced, published neuropsychiatrist, behavioral neurologist, psychopharmacologist, forensic specialist (civil: plaintiff / defense /objective), author and public speaker.
Based on distinguished qualifications alone, Professor Neppe MD, PhD, FRSSAf, DFAPA, FFPsych, MMed (Psych), DSPE, DCPP (ECAO), DABFM, DABFE, DABPS (Psychopharm), FACFE, LMACFE, MB, BCh, DPM (Psychiatry & Neurology), FRCPC-10,  Dip Am Board Psych and Neurology  is one of the most qualified individuals in the world.  Dr.Neppe has contributed internationally in all these specialties: Neuropsychiatrist, Behavioral Neurologist, Psychopharmacologist, Forensic Specialist, Epileptologist, Phenomenologist, Consciousness Researcher, Research Metholodologist, Author, Professional Speaker, Playwright & Philosopher. 

Director, Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute, Seattle and attending physician at Overlake Hospital, Bellevue, WA. His major current academic affiliation is as (adjunct full) Professor, Department of Neurology and Psychiatry at St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO, a singular, extremely unusual honor of respect, 1700 miles from his home base.

The expertise of Dr.Neppe is particularly valuable because his dual MD & PhD reflects his broader skills & also effectively increases his credibility. And his dual expertise in neuropsychiatry and behavioral neurology, as well as in psychopharmacology, neuropharmacology and as a neuroscientist, at times allows the use of one expert instead of two or three.

Dr.Neppe is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology {+ additional certifications in Geriatric Psychiatry (91-01-11) & Forensic Psychiatry (94-04)}. He is a Board Certified Forensic Examiner & in Forensic Medicine plus a Fellow & Life Member of the American College of Forensic Examiners. He also has overseas specialist qualifications with majors in Psychiatry & Neurology (Diploma in Psychological Medicine).

Dr.Neppe is a fellow of seven & member of twelve professional associations (including American or International Psychiatric, Medical , Neuropsychiatric, Epilepsy, Psychogeriatric, Psychopharmacological & Psychological Associations & Societies).

In 2002, he became the first United States resident physician elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of South Africa.

In 2004, he was elected a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and then he achieved their highest public honor as a Distinguished Fellow in 2007.

In 2005, he was singularly chosen to lead the first USA & International Delegation in Neuropsychiatry & Psychopharmacology (China, 2006 through People to People Ambassador Program). He was also due to lead the first international delegation in Behavioral Neurology and Neuropharmacology (this was cancelled during the recession).

Dr.Neppe has been the Co-Principal Researcher of a highly competitive international research grant. 



An experienced, pre-eminent clinician in his specialties, so highly respected by peers that his listing is unique as the only MD under any five specialties and subspecialites, under Neuropsychiatry & Behavioral Neurology, Psychopharmacology, Psychiatry & Forensic (Neuro)psychiatry in Americas Top Doctors (all 12 editions ). A prolific scientist (400+ publications in every habitable continent) & academic, he has pioneered numerous critical major research areas.

As a Research Methodologist and Neuroscientist his further forensic skills are accentuated.


An extremely highly qualified, nationally in-demand medical expert in the USA, he prefers civil medicolegal expert work (defense or plaintiff), objectively analyzing all referrals, incisively advising on strengths & weaknesses, thoroughly yet rapidly reviewing charts, & using his outstanding communication skills in testimony.

After his preliminary oral opinions on the strengths & weaknesses, plaintiff attorneys can decide whether to proceed & defense attorneys whether to settle. This can save considerable costs later.

His 9 short chapters of the 2006 monograph/ book How Attorneys Can Best Utilize Their Medical Expert Witness: A Medical Expert's Perspective assists attorneys in choosing, maximizing & advising a medical expert witness from time of retaining to the end of testimony (download

An insightful thinker & former expert chess player, he advises consultatively, truthfully & objectively, potentially making enormous changes to the case & the strategy: Cases have even settled when the other side has heard he has been retained. He has even been retained to avoid him being the other side's expert witness. His medicolegal expertise is even being used in cases outside the United States, as well as nationally within the USA.

Dr.Neppe is an authority on head injury (key chapters in books; published classification), side-effects & clinical impacts of brain medications (author of two books on psychopharmacology), seizures & atypical spells (even a measuring instrument & classification), tardive dyskinesia (developed a successful treatment for it & evaluation technique, the STRAW), neuroleptic malignant syndrome (published review), attention deficit (new treatment), mental status (a leading authority), narcolepsy (developed questionnaire), consciousness (including a key case of persistent vegetative / minimal consciousness states) & both the organic & psychiatric aspects of such conditions (e.g. consultancies to DSM-IVR). He also has a major interest in nutritional supplements (special document for the ASCP)( including such supplements including Ephedra), obesity and diet.

A versatile, powerful expert for many different kinds of cases, including personal injury, malpractice & competency issues, he is sometimes used in two or more capacities, such as Neuropsychiatry & Psychopharmacology plus in Research Methodology. 

Other Intangibles:

His expertise is particularly valuable because his dual MD & PhD reflects his broader skills & effectively increases his credibility.

Dr.Neppe is also an outstanding communicator attested by his writing for both laypersons & colleagues, & his speaking skills internationally (> 1,000 scientific presentations in 12 countries; chaired international conferences on 4 continents; radio & television appearances around the world). His incisive quick thinking, ability to think on his feet, ability to debate issues, his great respect, his fair, objective opinions, address people at the correct level & his persuasive speaking style, all contribute to his highly respected forensic expertise, a decided advantage for potential jurors plus for judges in trial or arbitration.

Dr.Neppe is prodigious in his research and internationally recognized for his research methodological skills and a world leader in creative ideas and their fruition: This is demonstrated by his being the only person ever to have (based on objective rankings of direct creative achievements and training ). achieved the rank of Distinguished Polymathic Creative Professor and Executive Director of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (, a world-wide organization. Similarly, he has been appointed as Director, Human Performance Enhancement Division (HPED) of the World Institute of Scientific Exploration (WISE) 2012. 

Historical Details:

Dr.Neppe founded the PNI in late 1992, serving as an international model in the discipline of Neuropsychiatry. He is a remarkable clinician.

Prior to the PNI, in 1986,he, had been recruited from South Africa after an international search to establish & become Director of the first Division of Neuropsychiatry in a Department of Psychiatry in the United States (University of Washington in Seattle, WA (until 1992, tenured full-time faculty).

Dr.Neppe initially trained & worked at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa (completed medical degree 1973, internship 1974, specialist post-graduate training 1980 (both Psychiatric & Neurological backgrounds), & then worked as consultant attending then senior consultant at the University.

While in South Africa, the country of his birth, he organized apparently the first multiracial sports match (if chess is a sport!).

Dr.Neppe also further trained at Cornell University Medical College in New York ("Neuropsychiatry-Behavioral Neurology/ Psychopharmacology" fellowship [1982-3])as the "Witwatersrand University Overseas Traveling Fellow".

Dr.Neppe has been licensed to practice medicine in Britain, has a Canadian specialty, & was licensed in 2 states of Australia & in South Africa. 


Dr.Neppe is recognized in numerous books. These include editions of:

  • Marquis' Who's Who in the World
  • America's Top Doctors. Peer-selected (Castle Connolly; all 12 editions; currently the only physician listed in his several combined subspecialties of psychiatry / neurology (Neuropsychiatry/ Behavioral Neurology, Psychopharmacology & Forensic Psychiatry) (peer-selected)
  • The Best Doctors in America (peer-selected, 1990s books: apparently all editions; Woodward White).
  • Leading Physicians in the World
  • Men of Achievement (International Biographical Institute, Britain)
  • 2000 Notable American Men (American Biographical Institute)
  • 5000 Personalities of the World
  • 500 Leaders of Influence.
  • Great Minds of the 21st Century
  • Awards:
  • He was an International Man of the Year 1992-3 (International Biographical Center in Cambridge, England) "in recognition of his services to Neuropsychiatry, Psychopharmacology & Anomalistic Psychology".
  • One of 3 winners worldwide of the Rupert Sheldrake New Scientist Research Hypothesis Competition (1983, London)
  • Marius Valkhoff Medal (1982)
  • Chief research consultant, Epilepsy Institute, New York (1989)
  • Consultant to the American Psychiatric Association's DSM 3R & DSM 4.
  • Millennium Medal of Honor (2000) 
Books Published:


  • Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works (With Edward Close PhD). Variably described as “astonishing and prodigious accomplishment”, “A work that will change mankind's future”, “in a radical multidisciplinary class by itself,”
  • Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope is the first book in the new literary genre of sciction. It targets patients, family members, attorneys, medical /psychological colleagues & students. Widely acclaimed, it allows for great insights into comprehensive evaluations in Neuropsychiatry & Psychopharmacology (
  • See also his 2006 books "Déjà vu revisited" , “Déjà vu: A Second Look, Déjà vu: Glossary and Library”. .
  • "Quakes" is the first "sciction" genre play.
Areas of Concentration:


  • also author of the books Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy, & The Psychology of Déjà Vu
  • has published > 60 chapters in academic textbooks.
  • has served as guest editor of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry & founding editor of a South African scientific journal, has been on the editorial boards of several other publications, & has acted as a referee for more than a dozen scientific journals.
  • has developed numerous pioneering models & several measuring instruments, including computerized applications. He was co-principal researcher of a highly competitive international grant. His major research areas include developing several measuring neuropsychiatric instruments & inventories e.g. BROCAS SCAN, INSET & SOBIN. His profound pharmacological contributions include pioneering anticonvulsant use in psychiatry (these contributions alone have impacted the lives of millions of people), developing a very promising treatment for the previously incurable tardive dyskinesia & utilizing azapirones in aggression & attention deficit disorder.
  • has described four new medical conditions, invented about a hundred new terms, suggested three major new classifications, developed more than thirty evaluations, tests and historical screens in neuropsychiatry and consciousness, pioneered several new theoretical concepts in his disciplines, besides developing that literary genre of sciction. He has also pioneered subjective experience, and its links with neuroscience and consciousness phenomenology.
  • has also suggested a classification of seizures in relation to psychiatry.
  • is currently writing several books: on appropriate weight loss and two more on meaning and purpose in life.
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