Expert Resume/CV

Joseph Russo
6450 S. Brewer Road
Pleasant Grove
United States


Short Description:

I have enjoyed a life in the manufactured home industry transporting and installing factory built units. Generally, I am an expert in manufactured home, mobile home, mobile office, Park Model RV specialist with more than thirty years experience as a hands-on business owner. I have inspected  and opined on more than 100 homes involved in litigation across the US.


I have accumulated significant experience and expertise, with more than 30 years experience as a hands-on business owner-operator. I have performed and directed all relevant operations including sales of service, installation, take down, delivery, property development, customer presentations, project design, layout, contract negotiations, permit and planning process, underground utilities construction, site grading, foundation construction, home delivery, off highway home placement with specialized heavy equipment, home installation, factory service and  interface, garage and deck construction, concrete construction, sheetrock closure and texture, carpet installation, electrical and plumbing diagnostics, product  servicing, business accounting, business development, presentations development, training materials development, employee training, home compliancy inspections, expert witness services and more. I have inspected and opined on more than 100 homes in litigation across the US.


1978-1982 part time
1982-2000, full time
2007- present, Part time


Trailer Home / Mobile Home / Manufactured Home / Office Trailer / Portable Classrooms / Multiplex Mobile Office units / Limited Number of Modular Homes:
o       Take down
o       Transporting of listed units
o       Set up
o       Accessory structures / Skirting / Awning / Garage / Entry Stairs / Decks
o       HCD code Mobile home park installations
o       Private Property Installations
o       Private Property Development for said homes
o       Tie Down Systems / Earthquake Bracing
o       Permanent Foundation Systems
o       Mobile Home Lot preparation (since 2001)
o       Interior Finish / Exterior Finish
o       Site Development and Grading
o       Utilities Under Ground and Utility Pedestal
o       Service and Repair of Units
o       Diagnosis and Repair of Plumbing / Electrical / Roofing / Siding /

Areas of Concentration:

Structure / Chassis / Axle /  HVAC / Drain / Water System / Gas System / Etc.
o       Multi Story Units / Duplex Units
o       Drilled Pier and Grade Beam Foundation
o       Sub Grade Foundation and Installation
o       Side Hill Foundation
o       Traditional Winching, Jacking and Skidding Placement of Units
o       Specialty Delivery Off Road Placement
o       Multi Story Crane Setting Units
o       Crane Rigging of Units
o       Roll on Foundation on Side Hill or Basement Placement
o       Manufacturer procedures for design, assembly, service, warranty
o       Dealership sales, service, relationships with factory and installers


•       C47 Contractor’s License # 274688  1982-1998

•       PUC Transporting license #T85213  1982-1986

•       California PUC Transporting License # T163630 About 1986 - 2000

•       DMV Trucking permit # 061593 about 1990-2000

•       USDOT, Interstate Trucking Permit  about 1990-2000

•       IFTA, Interstate Fuel Tax Agreement # CA0123559 about 1990-2000

•       Manufactured Home California Sales License, #SP1085069, 2001-present

•       General Contractor’s License # 755549, 1998-2010

•       General Contractors License #968683 2011, C-47 2012


Trade Names:
•       Empire Mobile Home Service, 1982-1998
•       Empire Manufactured Home Specialists, Inc. 1998-2010
•       Empire Manufactured Home Specialists, 2010- Present