Expert Resume/CV

Patrick Michael OLeary
Internet Expert Witness
PO Box 11341
New York
United States


  • Brentwood Sonderling High School
    • 1970 – 1982
    • Regents Scientific Diploma​​​​


  • Suffolk Community College:   
    • 1982 – 1985 
    • AAS Engineering Science.
    • AS Liberal Arts


  • Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute of New York.
    • 1985 - 1987
    • BS Electrical Engineering
    • Various Graduate School Classes.


  • Hofstra University, New York.
    • 2018 - 2020
    • MBA
    • GPA 3.95 / 4.00

Business,  Qualifications and Experience:


I am Patrick Michael O’Leary,  I reside in Hauppauge, New York.  I have 30+ years of post college experience. 

General Background:

My career started in 1987 with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn New York ( now a part of NYU).    I am an entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience who has been the founder of several different startup companies across a variety of industries yielding me a diverse business and technical background.  The industries I have been involved with include:  telecommunications,  transportation,  and the Internet.  I have worked domestically and internationally for NEC,  US West,  American Airlines,  Ryder Truck,  Santa Fe Rail Roads,  and Ansett Airlines.  My general  Internet application experience includes Social Networking and Media,  Education,  Legal,  Dating and many other e-commerce applications.

In general,  my career has been blessed with experience in business planning,  analysis,  operations research,  sales,  marketing,  branding,  finances,  human resources,  real estate,  acquisitions,  mergers,  due diligence,  Internet security facility maintenance/construction,  and of course all hardware and software technical aspects of the companies I have worked for/with and have owned.

I have been successfully involved in the Internet and on-line businesses since the late 80s.  An early business entry on the Internet actually  started as a social hobby that turned into a defining milestone in my career.  This hobby propelled me to becoming the CEO and a founder of an Internet site and Social Network known as  The site was profitable and self funded ( no venture capital)  until February 1999.  Over the course of's history,  I was the founding President and CEO,  the first full-time employee and largest single common shareholder.  Under my leadership,  media metrics rated us as the 2nd stickiest site on the Internet,  and was growing at a rate of 8% or greater per month,  making it the largest online dating site at that time.  In 1995 when I decided to make my full time job,  I was the only employee.  By 1999,  I had created a fully functional corporation with 28 full time employees and 11 remote part time employees,  generating over $7 million in annual revenue.  By the time we sold to Lycos in July 2000, employed 124 people in 8 separate departments.  I had developed experience and expertise in a variety of fields in order to grow this company over this very short timeline. 

In the very early days of the mainstream Internet ( ‘90-‘97), had over 4 million users with up to 230 million page views per month.  This explosive growth generated millions of dollars per annum.  Unlike Internet companies of today,  we accomplished our substantial growth with revenues solely generated by the company and not infused or borrowed capital.  Our rapidly growing network was in competition with today’s well-known companies such as;,  AOL and Yahoo Personals.  Even with this robust group of market competitors,  we became the number one singles and dating network on the Internet.  While my company was growing,  the “Internet Bubble” crash of 2000 took place.  In spite of that crash,  our company continued to garner serious financial respect and was sold to Lycos for 45 million US dollars in cash. 

After Lycos acquired Matchmaker,  I sought out another business to start;  my search led me to Expert Witness and Litigation Support industry.  According to UBS,  the expert witness business in the United States is a $7 to $10 billion dollar per year industry space.  The industry is over 230 years old and is currently growing at over 20% per year.  The revenue for the non-litigation business-advisory industry space is significantly larger.  My experience with the Internet led me to believe that many applications on the Internet like travel,  stocks,  jobs,  auctions,  content searching,  etc.  - all involve some sort of a “matchmaking” component;  The Expert Witness business also requires a “matchmaking” component for matching legal professionals and experts of all fields.  When an attorney needs an expert to assist him/her in litigation,  the attorney must perform a search to find and engage someone in the appropriate field whose knowledge and experience will aid his/her case.  As a result,  this business space intrigued me to build my own experts’ network.

Today,  I own,  I have successfully developed this network with significant traffic and global reach.  The brand has had an expert witness site associated with it since 1996.  I have personally self-funded the further building and incubation of this product.  I have organically expanded this site by 5 times in the last six years.   

This experience and creditability has given me the opportunity to be an Internet Business and Technology Expert Witness on several occasions in cases involving Social Networking,  Real Estate,  Oil and Gas,  Aerospace,  Securities,  Family Assets/Business Disputes,  Security Issues,  Patents and Intellectual Property.  I have been engaged as both a plaintiff and defense expert for such companies as Cisco,  MCI,  CompUSA,  Fujitsu,  Yahoo,  eHarmony,,  Twitter and Google.  I have been admitted as an expert in the above to many State/Federal courts and jurisdictions around the country for both civil and criminal litigation.

Intellectual Property and Prior Art:

My former company, in 1990 addressed just about every area of the Internet Community and Social Networking / Media space.  Today I have the Intellectual property of the 1990 version of installed and running for the purposes of invalidating Intellectual Property Patent Claims.  This Prior Art will invalidate just about any Internet Social Networking / Community / Dating Patent Claim.

Technology and Website Design and Development:

My programming experience spans the last 25+ years.  In high school,  I learned the absolute basics on a TI-99-4a,  Commodore-64 and a variety of other small computers.  In college I worked on a whole host of main frames,  mini-computers and PCs.  These systems include the early Intel PCs,  IBM 370,  DEC PDP-11s, and many other systems by Apollo,  Gould and Hewlett Packard.  The programming languages used on the platforms were Basic,  Pascal,  C/C++,  Assembler,  FORTRAN and various scripting languages.  Every system had its own operating systems;  I spent most of my time on MS-DOS and UNIX class machines.

After college ( 1987),  I went to work at NEC for their telecommunications division working in Melville,  New York and Irving,  Texas.  There I coded on platforms like NEC Astra,  NEC PBXs,  larger PCs,  Sun Work Stations,  etc.  I continued to hone my programming skills on all these systems.  The first major commercial programming project was for the redesigning the NEC Maintenance Administration Terminal ( MAT)  for the NEC PBX Switches.  That platform was written in Basic and had little ability for network expansion.  My project was to move the MAT from PCs/Basic to UNIX/C platforms.  I wrote the very first C program that connected to and programmed the NEC PBX systems.

After NEC,  I worked for Lee Data in Dallas working on a database synchronization program for the seven Regional Bell Operating Companies.  Here we would download the entire data set from more than twenty Bell facility databases into a Sybase database running on a Pyramid Unix mini-computer.  In the beta trials alone,  we were able to save one company enough money from the analysis of one central office to pay for the entire project.

In 1990,  I went to work for American Airlines to work in the Operations Research Division.  I worked on a Yield Management system for Annett Airlines of Melbourne Australia.  My job was to build a real-time database synchronization platform between the MIPS workstations and the IBM mainframe.  It was here at American Airlines that I first discovered a 3-node BBS network called MatchMaker BBS.  I had been looking for a side business to earn additional income that would eventually be a full-time business.

In 1991,  my partner and I developed an airport ground tracking system for the FAA.  It was an X-Windows/Motif touch screen system completely written in C using any UNIX platform with a SQL relational database.  The project sales cycle spanned 10-years and ended on September 10,  2001.   

During the early to mid 90’s at MatchMaker is where I developed much of my Internet and Web skills.  By 1992,  we were a full 15-city connected private network.  We were also handling Internet email via a UUCP interface to larger university systems.

In 1994,  I left American Airlines for contracting opportunities on various projects.  One such project was the Sprint Voice-Fone card.  Many people remember this product from the commercials with Candice Bergan saying “you can hear a pin drop”.  I worked on a C++ middle-ware platform for applications and call processing system interface.    

In 1995,  we started developing a static web interface for the MatchMaker cities.  In 1996,  I made Matchmaker my full-time business.  By the end of 1996,  we had a fully interactive web interface for MatchMaker that would work in conjunction with our dial-up and text based interface.

When MatchMaker was sold to Lycos,  most of the intellectual property was also conveyed in the sale.  As a result,  we had to design and code from the ground up a core software platform for the development of our current projects.  That platform is completely written on a LAPP ( Linux,  Apache,  PHP,  Postgres)  platform.  The PHP language is almost identical to the C language with considerable extensions built in for Web applications.  Our applications use this platform with HTML and all its formatting and scripting extensions.  Collectively,  all of this software allows us to develop web applications rather quickly.   

In my career,  I have worked on just about every business and technical aspect of the Internet.

Branding/Marketing and Media buys: One of my biggest responsibilities as the founder of was to create an identifiable brand both on and off line.  I accomplished this through a combination of radio,  print,  and online marketing.  In 1997 I formed a relationship with Yahoo! and started buying search engine keywords on a CPM basis.  I locked down words like "singles",  "dating",  "personals",  etc in the Yahoo! inventory for many years.  This was critical for the growth and branding of  It drove relevant traffic to and kept the #2 from getting to those interested users.  The return on investment was so high with these early search engine buys I expanded this contract 300% in the first 6 months of operations.  Since Yahoo! was returning over a 9% click through rate,  I also began buying traffic from other portals like Yahoo,  InfoSeek,  Excite,  AOL,  Lycos,  LookSmart,  Goto/Overture,  Classifieds2000,  Northern Light,  Altavista,  DoubleClick,  CupidsNetwork,  American Singles,  and Hotbot.  As our relationships with the various online marketing companies grew,  I negotiated some of the first CPA and CPC contracts these organizations ever had.  Off line marketing including billboard buys in several cities around the country as well as banners on buses and trains.

Membership Conversion: One of the key issues I had to deal with on a daily basis was how to get people to convert to paying members.  The marketing discussed above got people to the site,  but the revenue model was based on those trial members becoming paying members.  At our height over 22% of trial members were converting to paid members.  Those paid members continued to pay on average for 4 1/2 months.  I was able to achieve such high conversion and retention rates by manipulating trial and paying member benefits,  increasing and decreasing trial periods,  membership rates/specials and providing a very high quality and responsive service.  It needs to be noted that an online dating portal is the only business in the world where you are "doing your job" right when you send your customer away in pairs.

Strategic partnerships: First to form Inc,  I had to convince multiple independent franchisees to give up their individual Matchmaker BBS systems to form a single Internet corporation.  Over the course of 3 months I negotiated each franchise owner to trade franchise ownership for equity eventually forming a single unified Corporation.  Once formed,  I was the President and Chief Executive Officer.  I also formed other strategic partnerships as the President of,  including relationships with,  Savvis Communications,  Nationwide Internet,  CRL,  Frontier / Global Crossing,  and Freeside Networks,  Worldcom,  SWB/GTE.

Productizing: MatchMaker was originally a BBS ( Bulletin Board System),  a text based dial-up on-line service similar to CompuServe from the eighties.  It was my initiative to forge forward and get my network on the Internet and provide dial-up and telnet services to my users.  I then rolled out the concept of "Metro" and "Special Interest" niche Matchmaking sites to better group and productize the enterprise service.  As a rule,  people want to meet others in their area,  the Metro sites were domestic mainstream dating portals targeted for specific US cities.  The Special-Interest niche sites were worldwide dating portals targeting specific demographic groups in Age,  Religion,  Ethnic and other various affinities.  Simply put,  "birds of a feather flock together",  I figured by putting people together with more common interests I would yield higher membership conversions.  The revenue literally tripled in only one month from the completion of this strategic grouping and remained about 50% of the company’s total membership revenue.  It was this decision that set me apart from other matchmaker franchise operators in other cities and MatchMaker as a whole from other companies like in the on-line personals business.

Finances:  The ultimate purpose of was two-fold;  first to bring people together,  second to make money.  In order to make this second goal a reality I had to form both a long-term business strategy and a set of short-term tactical goals to grow the company and maintain profitability.  Every venture we took on at had a calculated return on investment ( ROI),  and had to show profitability in the first 90 days or I did not approve it.  As a startup company I also had to deal with the more mundane aspect of financing,  including accounting,  taxes,  payroll,  insurance,  accounts receivable,  etc…It was not until much later in the evolution of the organization I was able to have others handle these things on a daily basis.  The advantage to working this way is I gained a working familiarity with all these issues,  so I have a more critical eye looking at the financial organization of any corporate entity.

Human Resources: grew at such an exponential rate it was almost impossible to hire people fast enough to meet the ever increasing demand.  In order to address these personnel demands I formed several major departments and staffed them with outstanding department heads.  I then empowered these department head to go recruit and hire the people they need to run their individual departments efficiently and within the prescribed budget.  The results were we had an outstanding staff and were able to grow from 5 employees to 124 employees in 2 years.  I was able to recruit very high caliber people from much larger,  well funded companies such as;  Cisco Systems,  Fidelity Investments,  American Airlines,  and Sabre,  etc.

Alternative Revenue Sources: As the Internet business model evolved I was able to have evolve with it,  and take advantage of new revenue opportunities. created an affiliates program to increase both traffic and membership revenue.  In addition,  I added a new chapter to our business plan called Data Mining.  The idea behind this is,  singles creating profiles provide a tremendous amount of demographical information,  including zip code,  income level,  profession,  hobbies,  living arrangements,  and more.  Sponsors and potential advertisers will pay much higher then standard advertising rates to serve ads and gather survey information from very targeted demographic groups.

Venture Capital and Funding: In January 1999 I felt could grow even faster with an infusion of outside capital.  In a very short 2 months I was able to secure $5 Million in venture capital through a private placement with investors in Dallas and the Silicon Valley.  I was able to obtain this capital while only surrendering 22% of corporate equity and I maintained voting control with the original founders.

Technology and Networking: As formed and grew,  I was forced to design and implement an ISP/CSP IP network to keep up with demand.  In 1995 the Internet network began with 1 T-1 and expanded to 11 T-1s routed to 6 different upstream providers in the first 24 months of operations.  Due to the overwhelming traffic,  these T-1s were replaced with 6 DS-3 fiber circuits as soon as they became available.  This massive growth forced the development of flexible and scalable network architecture.  This design included all the physical and logical components of the network,  as well as encompassing specific tasks including:  contract negotiation,  local loop provisioning,  port configuration,  IP setup,  BGP routing policies,  testing and performance optimization.  This network hosted over 120 servers delivering over 6 Million web page views per day. 

The IP network design for was years ahead of the industry standard routing protocols.  As a result I was forced to develop a routing model/tool to optimize the content delivery for Internet traffic.  These tools assisted a networking engineer in building the routing tables for a gateway router before BGP was able to calculate these factors.  This product,  for which I have retained the intellectual property rights,  enabled me to tune the BGP tables and set the routing policies across diverse networks. 

In addition to creating the web sites themselves,  I developed a set of tools to submit web pages to the Internet search engines.  This tool set helps a web master score high relevancy within the search engines for specified topics and keywords. 

I have a unique talent of being able to quickly prototype solutions to critical business problems.  This helps the business team make informed decisions more rapidly,  staying ahead of the competition.  My experience allows me to come up with unique and effective engineering solutions to solve real business problems. 

In 1990,  When the Internet and e-commerce was still in its infancy, was performing Internet email and online financial transactions before most people even knew how to log on to the Internet.  The amazing success of literally created the business case for other companies to enter the online dating market. 

Security: With all the above came the need for security in both the electronic and physical realms.  The electronic computer Bulletin  Board Systems ( BBS)  of the 80s very much gave birth to the electronic security industry.  As such matured,  the business case was well established for the need to develop security protocols and policies.   

My BBS and Internet business efforts were some of the first entities that brought mainstream awareness to the Internet electronic age and industry.  Our network contained highly personal information about our customers,  such as names,  addresses,  phone numbers,  credit cards etc.  Given the nature of some of the applications and personal information contained therein,  my network was highly targeted by “Phone-Freaks” today known as computer and Internet hackers.  The physical security of the facility was also very much of high concern.   

In the early days,  there was no place you could turn to for help with these type of business and technology issues,  you were effectively on your own!  Clearly,  there was a need for standardized electronic and Internet Security protocols and policies.  Hence,  as a result of such early efforts by technology and business entrepreneurs like myself the early versions of the Internet Security Common Body of Knowledge( CBK)  by such organizations like ISC2,  Comp-TIA,  and EC-Counsel were birthed. 

Given the sensitive nature of this skill set and by the recommendations of organizations such as COMP-TIA,  ISC2 and EC-Counsel I do not document any more detail as such in itself is a security vulnerability that can lead to an unwanted security event to me,  my network and/or my clientele. 

Social Media / Networking and Social Altruism:

The Social Networking concept now known as Social Media has been around for thousands of years.  It intrinsically has the most powerful form of marketing known to mankind built right into its core,  that being the referral marketing model for building critical mass quickly.  Social networking has application for just about every business or group that uses the Internet.  Social networking has been a critical factor in everything from various affinity interests groups to recent and past Presidential Elections.  Currently,  it is the hottest topic on the Internet,  news media and frequently a cover story on magazines like Business Week.  Today,  there are over 1.5 billion Internet users and approximately ONLY one-quarter of them regularly use social networking sites.   

I am in the process of building out an Internet Social Media Portal in the brand SOCIAL.NET.   The site along with many of its sub-domains will address both business and social altruistic issues.    I feel that our society and country is undergoing many changes and the Internet will play a key role in the direction of such.    I have been blessed with incredible education and experience that can be leveraged to make a difference in our world today.  More will be added to this section as the port is being developed. 


CISSP:   Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CEH:   Certified Ethical Hacker

ECSA:  Ec-counsel  Certified Security Analyst

LPT:  Licensed Penetration Tester

CHFI:    Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator

Network+ :  CompTIA Network Plus

Security+ :  CompTIA Security Plus




AT&T UNIX Training:

  • System Calls and Libraries
  • UNIX Internals
  • Device Drivers

Relational Database ( SQL based):

  • Sybase Fast Track for Programmers
  • Informix System Admin ( DBA). 
  • Oracle

IP Networking:

  • Intro to Cisco router configuration
  • Advanced Cisco router configuration
  • Cisco OSPF
  • Cisco BGP
  • Cisco Cat 5513 Switches
  • Installation and maintenance of Cisco routers
  • Trouble shooting of Cisco networks.
  • TCP/IP 


  • C/C++
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • JavaScript


Computer Operating Systems: 

  • UNIX
  • Apple OS X
  • MS-DOS
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2k/Me/Vista/7 etc
  • Solaris
  • Redhat
  • BSDI
  • AIX 

Computer Languages: 

  • C/C++
  • X/Motif R11
  • Java
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • Fortran
  • Basic
  • Cobol
  • Perl 
  • JavaScript

Relational Databases: 

  • Oracle
  • Informix
  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • Unify

Content Management:

  • Drupal
  • WordPress


  • Intel
  • Sun
  • SGI
  • Apple Mac / iPhone
  • IBM
  • PCs
  • Cisco
  • Ascend
  • Shuttle
  • Seagate
  • Lucent/Livingston
  • Digital Link
  • DigiBoard. 

Internet IP Bandwidth Companies: 

  • Winstar/Goodnet
  • Savvis
  • CRL
  • Frontier-Global
  • Freeside
  • Nationwide
  • Qwest
  • Icon.
  • Verizon FIOS

Routing Protocols & Router OS:

  • BGP
  • OSPF
  • Cisco IOS
  • Ascend OS


  • Electronic
  • Physical




  • Risk Management
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Social Media 
  • Social Networking
  • Advertising
    • Pay-per-click
    • SEO / Organic



NEC: 1987 – 1989

Hired out of Brooklyn Polytechnic

Traveled to Japan to gather requirements

Worked on MAT (Maintenance Administration Terminal)

Administration Tool to configure large PBX telephone systems.

  • Added users
  • Telephone ports and extensions, 
  • Profile attributes and services.
  • PBX Security

Pulled call processing traffic from telephone system.

  • Who made calls, 
  • When calls were made
  • How often calls were made
  • Generate reports on all the above data.

Wrote first C-Program to interface to the NEAX 2400 PBX.

Authored new design document to build a new platform and justify the “infrastructure change”.


Lee Data: 1989 - 1990

  • Hired out of NEC to work on database synchronization project.
  • Downloaded telephone industry databases on to UNIX platform.
  • CRIS
  • LMOS
  • Converted the download files to common load format (pipe delimited file).
  • Loaded them into a Sybase SQL database
  • Built tools to determine the problems with data in the various databases.
  • Wrote reports for RBOC (Regional Bell Operating Companies) customers.
  • Authored papers on system design and infrastructure.
  • Telephone Facility DataBase Security.

In short, at the time, the databases documenting the phone network (POTS) for the telephone companies (RBOCs)  was handled by many people throughout the system.  As a result, such databases quickly became out of sync and telephone facilities (ports, wire-pairs, etc) were lost.   As a result, such losses became both a business and a security vulnerability.  Our project accomplished two benefits by discovering such, thus recovering and securing these facilities.  

Given the fact that we had complete copies of the entire telephone switch databases containing these data synchronization and facilities errors, our development environment also had to be secured from intrusion.


American Airlines: 1990 – 1994

Worked for an Operations Research division of the AMR Corporation

AADT (American Airlines Decision Technologies

Worked with other AMR subsidiaries 

SCS: (SABRE Computer Services)

STIN:  (SABRE Travel Information Network)

Hired to work on Airline Fares Yield Management Systems

Went to meet client (ANSETT airlines) in Melbourne Australia.

Download the production airline fares databases to UNIX platform.

Convert all to common loading format.

Load into ORACLE SQL database.

Synchronize the local UNIX fares records in ORACLE database with theDB2 database on the IBM mainframe on a per transaction basis in real-time.

Authored many articles and papers on various subjects for internal purposes 

  • Two-phase commit
  • IPC: Inter-Process Communication
  • DRC: Dynamic Resource Control

 Used to justify the methods and models in the system.


Designed and Built Inter Process Communication System to interface the Application Programs and the SQL relational database INFORMIX.


Worked on the Internal Capacity Planning System.


  • SantaFe 
  • Conrail
  • Union Pacific

Automobile Industry

  • Avis Rental Car
  • Ryder Truck


General Skills:

  • Programming
    • C/C++
    • SQL
    • Shell Scripts
    • X-Windows Motif


  • Database
    • Oracle
    • DB2
    • Informix
    • Sysbase
    • SABRE
    • UNIFY


  • Data and Network Security


  • User-Interface
    • X Windows release 11
    • Motif


Airport Management Systems: 1991 – 2001

Built airport ground tracking systems for use in FAA control towers. 

Used to manage airplanes on the ground for all tower positions.

  • Clearance Delivery
  • Ground Controller.
  • Local Controller

Designed to pass traffic to TRACON in-air controllers.

Designed to make ground safer at airports around the world.

Designed to reduce runway incursions.

Co-Authored many white papers for the FAA on how the system was to work  

Authored many requirements documents for the FAA

Security of the Flight Data


US Sprint: 1995

Hired to work on the US Sprint Voice Foncard system.  

You would remember the commercials with Candice Bergan saying “you can hear a pin drop.”

Designed and built a platform manager in C++ to interface between other sub-systems.

  • Call Processing
  • SQL Relational Database.
  • Application Programs:
  • Central Office Switch Internal Databases.
  • Platform Security


DFWISP & 1995 - 2012

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Fort Worth.
  • Provided service to the 817 area code
  • In partnership with Dallas ISP.
  • Installed 24 phone lines for 200 dial-up customers.
  • Installed Internet Circuits:
    • ISDN PRI and BRI
    • 15 T-1s
    • 5 DS-3s
    • Both Fiber and Cooper Circuits.
  • Static and Dynamic IP address allocation.
  • Hardware:
    • Cisco Routers and Switches
    • Livingston Port Masters
    • Ascend
    • US Robotics
    • Shuttle
    • Network Hubs


  • Beginner and Advanced Cisco Classes
  • Managed User / Account Database
  • Managed User / Account Logins
  • Managed Bandwidth Usage
  • Built Networking Tools to optimize traffic performance.
    • Rewrote Ping in a two process parent/child for send/receive
  • Internet Routing Protocols
    • BGP4
    • OSPF
  • Internet Security  1990 - 2000

Built and ran the world largest Personals Dating Network.  This is still true to this day, since no company has ever acquired as much market share. 

  • Served over 200 million Page Views to the Internet every month.
  • Rated the second stickiest on the Internet for many years by Media-Metrics
  • We managed millions of users on over 100 separate community web sites.
  • User/Client Privacy and associated Data Security issues 

Here are some examples of the communities and social networks we offered in our users.

  • Regional
    • Over 70 local city-specific sites operated
      • Domestic
      • International
      • Multi-Lingual
        • English
        • Spanish
  • Affinity / Niche
    • Religion
      • Christian
        • Non-Denominational
        • Catholic
        • LDS / Mormon
        • Methodist
        • Baptist
      • Jewish
    • Age
      • Teen
      • College
      • Silver
    • Ethnic
      • African-American
      • Asian
      • Latino
    • Lifestyles
      • Sports
      • Pets
      • Substance Abuse and Recovery
      • Etc. 2000 - 2012

  • Owner and President of company
  • In business on the Internet for over 16 years.
  • Company has best possible Intrinsic Brand for this industry.
  • Expert Witness business is a $7 to $10 billion annual space.
  • Number 1 in Google for the search term “Expert Witness”.
  • Thousands of Visitors everyday from Legal Profession lookin for subject-matter experts.
  • Hundreds of Expert Witness Placements in 2006.
  • I personally write and maintain all the software for the web site.
  • Authored extensive business over view document.  1997 - 2012

  • An Internet Social Media and Networking Portal for business and social altruistic applications.
Litigation Experience:


  • Both Plaintiff and Defendant in Civil Law Suits.
  • Answered subpoenas and Court Orders with Law enforcement.
  • Depositions
  • Litigation Support
  • Fact Witness
  • 1990 – 2000

1998: DFWISP:  ( Dallas Fort Worth Internet Service Provider)

  • Plaintiff in Civil Law Suits with Computek.
  • Answered subpoenas and Court Orders with Law for enforcement.
  • Deposition
  • Litigation Support
  • Fact Witness
  • 1995 - 2000

2000: Fujitsu vs.  Cisco:

  • Document Discovery Production
  • Intellectual Property Case
  • Litigation Support
  • Susman and Godfrey

2000: Alcatel vs.  Cisco/Montery* 

  • UNIX:  Data Recovery
  • Document Production
  • Software Source code analysis
  • Litigation Support
  • Susman and Godfrey

2000: Class Action Suit against CompUSA

  • Research
  • Litigation support.
  • Verbal Report
  • Susman and Godfrey

2001: Probation Hearing:

  • Litigation Support
  • Internet Expert Witness
  • Testified in Court in Eastern District of Texas.

2001: People vs Reedy:

  • Litigation Support
  • Internet Expert Witness
  • Testified in Court in Northern District of Texas.

2001: Stantton* vs.  MCI:

  • Telecommunications Case
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Report
  • Internet Expert Witness
  • Deposition

2001: Insurance Settlement of business destroyed in fire. 

  • Business Analysis of Internet Service Provider
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Domain Appraisal
  • Loss of Business cost
  • Expert Report

2005: NetDate vs.  Yahoo!* 

  • Intellectual Property
  • Patent Analysis 
  • Prior Art Searches
  • Internet Expert Witness

2006: Consulnet vs.  Dynamic Investment Group* 

  • Look and Feel
  • Copyright Issues
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Internet Expert Witness
  • Testified in Deposition
  • Ongoing,  waiting for trial

2007: People vs Faisal Zafar*

  • Internet Securities Fraud Case
  • Pump and Dumpd
  • Internet Expert Witness
  • Testified in Court
  • Court Appointment
  • Internet Security

2007:  Data Match Enterprises of Texas LLC v.,  Inc.,  et al.  *

  • Client:,  eHarmony,  SparcNetworks
  • Other Defendants:,  FriendFinder
  • Internet Intellectual Property
  • Internet Patent Expert Witness
  • Prior Art Searches
  • Resurrect software from 1991

2008:  HVAC Agent et al  v.  Former Employee

  • Clients:  HVAC Agent,  PlumbingAgent Electrical Agent
  • Internet Intellectual Property
  • Dispute of Assets in Family Business
  • Testified in Court

2008:  Texakoma Operating,  L.P.  v.  Blogging Company

  • Clients:  Texakoma Operating,  L.P.
  • Internet Liable Case

2008:  Frontside Aerospace v.  Worldwide Aerospace

  • Clients:  Worldwide Aerospace
  • Internet Liable and Domain Squatting Case

2009:  Braddock v Braddock

  • Client:  Plaintiff / Wife
  • Dispute of Assets in Divorce.
  • My affidavit caused withdrawal of Summary Judgment Motion

2010:  US Auto Part v.  Parts Geek

  • Client:  Defendant
  • Dispute of Confidential Information
  • Reports / Testimony

2011:  ARMS v.  LaRue Tactical

  • Internet Libel 
  • Reports / Testimony

2011:  People v Chris Rad

  • Internet Spam
  • Internet Hacking and Security

2012:  Walker Digital v Google

  • Internet Patents
  • Prior Art
Court Admissions / Qualifications:


  • Northern District of Texas
  • Eastern District of Texas
  • Eastern District of New York
  • Eastern District of Pennsylvania


  • Northern District of Florida - Jacksonville

The Law firms I have worked with in some way: 

  • Johnson,  Vaughn & Heiskell 
  • Wes Ball 
  • Susman and Godfrey
  • CJA / PD
  • William C.  Meier 
  • Robert Handfuss
  • Weil,  Gotchal and Manges
  • Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young,  LLP
  • Martin Goldberg
  • Proskauer Rose LLP
  • Sheehy,  Lovelace and Mayfield
  • Wood,  Thacker & Weatherly,  P.C.
  • Patton Boggs,  LLP
  • Charles Gumm 
  • Jeannine Sasser
  • Steve Angstreich
  • Posternak
Intellectual Property / Patents / Prior Art:
  • 1990:  MatchMaker BBS
  • 1991:  Ground tracking system for FAA
  • 1990:  Various projects at American Airlines
  • 1989:  Various projects at Lee Data Dalcom
Engagement Details:
  • Evergreen Retainer ( required)
  • Designation Fee ( required)